Heat fan flips Joakim Noah off. Should she be punished?

Updated: May 9, 2013


Chris Treece brought up the lady who flipped of Joakim Noah at the Bulls-Heat game on his show this afternoon. Treece ask should the fans get in trouble for stuff like that because the players would get fined or worse.

The answer… Hell no! I’m sure the fella next to bird lady paid good money to sit that close to the game. The customer is always right is a phrase that’s been around since the early 1900′s and it rings true even today, and like it or not she is the customer and Joakim Noah is the employee.

No professional athlete should have to put up with that stuff, its classless. But its part of the job and they know that.

If we assume that every 1 in 10 person is a jack hole then you figure there were at least 3000 jack holes at that game, and this time one got close enough to show it off!

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