Kenny Chesney Football Fan Sellout

Updated: June 3, 2013

Kenny Chesney Football Fan

With stories coming out over the weekend that country music star (and alleged UT fan) Kenny Chesney took part in the Seattle Seahawks OTAs, I got to thinking about how Chesney involves himself in the sports world. He’s been photographed with Tim Tebow and David Pollack, altered the lyrics to “Back Where I Come From” by changing the line “I’m an ole Tennessean” to “I’m an ole *insert city’s major sport’s mascot here.” Included in this post is a collage of pictures Chesney has posted to Twitter, showing the love to whatever city he is in that day. Apparently he will pimp himself out to whatever team asks for his services, which he is entitled to do. My issue with this is that Chesney, for whatever reason, has been declared the go-to UT celebrity spokesman. As a UT fan, I have never nor will I ever, put on a Gator helmet and do the Gator Chomp. If Chesney wants to be the UT celebrity spokesman, he better start being a wildcard and go rogue Ainge-style by singing Rocky Top in every damn city he plays in.

Also, stop doing the same stupid pose from the same corner of the stadium in every single picture.

Kenny Chesney Football Fan

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