SEC Media Days: Florida Recap

Updated: July 16, 2013

SEC Media Days Florida

BIRMINGHAM— Florida head coach Will Muschamp, quarterback Jeff Driskel, and defensive lineman Dominique Easley were the first trio to take the stage in Birmingham for the circus that is known as SEC Media Days. Here are the highlights from Florida’s media session.

Will Muschamp—Florida’s fiery head coach opened the day with comments that neared the length of a Congressional filibuster; mainly, he spoke about the status of the program as he heads into year three. Muschamp praised both his staff and the development of quarterback Jeff Driskel (more on him later) in what amounted to a fairly routine media session…until the Q&A portion began.

Toward the end of the session, someone finally sent Muschamp a question which tacitly addressed Urban Meyer’s questionable record as a disciplinarian.

Q. How much is a head coach responsible for the off-the-field behavior of its players? Can a head coach know everything that’s going on, and control that?

COACH MUSCHAMP: Well, you’re 100% responsible. When you sign a student-athlete to come to the University of Florida, I look at his parents, guardians, whoever is important to him in his life, tell them it’s my job to be an extension of what’s already happened at home.

But you’re a hundred percent responsible for the young man. Everything that happens. I can’t possibly know everything that happens every single night with our football team. You also can’t stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is okay either. You need to be very aware of the kind of guys your guys are hanging out with. I encourage our assistants, our life skills coordinator, Terry Jackson, to be with our guys, help them grow and mature. But you’re 100% responsible for every student-athlete on your football team.

With that, he addressed one of the story-lines of the week and addressed it soundly. Give credit to Muschamp. He stepped up and directly confronted a somewhat controversial issue and even insinuated Urban Meyer was a disciplinary ostrich during his tenure at Florida.

Somewhere, Meyer is attempting to pull his head out of the sand.

Dominique Easley—Florida’s talented lineman provided several fantastic sound bites. When asked which fight song most annoyed him, he responded,  “Rocky Top. Not because it’s Tennessee but just because it’s Rocky Top. But sometimes I even start dancing to that because I have no other choice.”

Later, he was asked a question about Bear Bryant (who lets these Bammers in here, anyway?) and his response left something to be desired.

What a quote machine.

Jeff Driskel—The Gator QB handled the press like a veteran and looks poised to have a big year. He’s HUGE. No wonder no one can tackle him. I was conversing about his size with several fellow members of the press (straight talk), and we decided Tennessee has started smaller defensive ends in recent years.

Other than his imposing physique, the biggest Driskel story of the week relates to being drafted by the Red Sox, “I was drafted pretty low in the draft, so it was an easy choice to stay at Florida. I’m fully committed to playing at Florida. I was going to have to sign within two weeks of when you’re drafted, so it’s nice to have that fall back if football doesn’t workout, which I hope it does.”

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