SEC Media Days: Spurrier and Clowney own the room.

Updated: July 17, 2013


BIRMINGHAM—If we learned one thing from day one of SEC Media Days, it’s that South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier still knows how to produce a sound bite. Just minutes into his session the “Ol’ ball coach” managed to take shots at the SEC, NCAA, and Notre Dame all while simultaneously arguing players should have larger expense stipends so their families can travel to their games. You can view the entirety of Spurrier’s comments here, but we hit on some of the highlights below.

Understandably, the majority of South Carolina’s session was composed of questions about Jadeveon Clowney, but before we get to those, let’s get to a few noteworthy comments Spurrier made on other topics.

*Remember Hugh Freeze’s words about Spurrier’s visor? Spurrier responded to Freeze’s comments, “Hugh and I have a lot in common. We both play golf. We both wear visors. We call the plays. How could you not like a guy like Hugh Freeze?”

Well-said, coach.

*Spurrier, who’s entering his 9th season at SC, also addressed how long he plans to coach.

“Yeah, I was hoping to be here eight to ten. Now I’m hoping to be here 9 to 13, something like that, 9 to 12. Something like that. I have an excellent coaching staff. I got guys that can recruit, coach, do everything. It’s not a stressful job for me as maybe some coaches have.”

Coaching certainly isn’t as stressful when you win and the Gamecocks averaged over 10 wins a year the last three season. If they keep winning near that clip, Spurrier could be around for a long time.

*Moving to South Carolina’s other-wordly defensive end, can you imagine Clowney, who’s every bit of 270 pounds and who recently ran a 4.4 40-yard dash, lining up in the backfield or at tight end? Spurrier was asked about that.

Q. Any possibility at all that Clowney could play a little bit on offense?

COACH SPURRIER: Not really. We got a bunch of offensive players that are pretty good. He played a little bit in high school, though. He’s capable. He’s capable of running with the ball. But that wouldn’t make sense, running with a ball, sprain an ankle, be standing over there with me the rest of the season. That wouldn’t be very smart.

*Gamecock wide receiver (and point guard) Bruce Ellington spoke about his reaction to Clowney’s famous destruction of a Michigan player in the Outback Bowl: “I actually didn’t get to see it, I only heard it. It was so loud that I jumped up when I heard it.”

You weren’t the only one, Bruce.

*South Carolina QB Connor Shaw continued  with praise of Clowney, “He’s fun to watch. He’s great to have on the team, he’s a guy who brings everyone else together, people love him, and he’s just a great guy all around. I feel fortunate to have him on the team…we don’t have anyone who can block him.”

*Speaking of guys who can block him, Clowney was asked about the tackles he faced last year, “The guy from Michigan was pretty good. The guy from Tennessee (Tiny Richardson) was pretty good. That’s about it.”

Knowing Tiny, he’ll prove he’s more than “pretty good” when the Vols host South Carolina this year.

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