SEC Media Days Recap: Les speaks Australian, Richt’s scared of Clowney

Updated: July 18, 2013

Mark Richt

BIRMINGHAM—LSU and Georgia kicked off the Thursday edition of SEC Media Days, and not surprisingly both Les Miles and Mark Richt had their share of newsworthy moments.

You may have heard about LSU’s talented punter Brad Wing, who entered the NFL Draft as a junior after last season. You may also have heard he’s from Australia. Well LSU has another Australian punter, Jamie Keehn, and coach Miles was asked about how to communicate with an Australian.

Q. You mentioned in your opening statement your punter was from Australia and it’s a certain language you have to speak. I wonder if you could give us some examples.

COACH MILES: Well, Australians have a higher voice (using an Australian accent). When you just speak regular English, it doesn’t quite get across. Of course, we’ve had experience with our Australians, so we’re pretty comfortable with adjusting our dialect so that it fits the ability to communicate (smiling).

Yes, Les Miles delved into an Australian accent in front of over 1,000 media members in a televised press conference. And, yes, his accent was as outstanding as expected. You can watch the video here.

Miles also, to his credit, opened his session by addressing the status of running back Jeremy Hill, who recently plead guilty to battery charges stemming from punching a man outside a Baton Rouge bar.

“I’ll probably take a minute right now to talk about Jeremy Hill. Jeremy Hill has a legal entanglement. At this point in time he remains indefinitely suspended.”

Legal entanglement? That’s the kind of phrasing we’ve come to expect from Les. Never change, Les. Never change.

Georgia’s Mark Richt, while not as charismatic as Mr. Miles, managed to make news with his comments about South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Earlier in the week, Clowney said Georgia QB Aaron Murray was “scared” of him when they played last season. Richt was asked about those comments.

Q. I’m sure you’ve heard what Jadeveon Clowney said about Tajh Boyd and Aaron Murray being scared to play him. Just your reaction to that.

COACH RICHT: I don’t know about those guys in particular, but I would think some guys are scared of him. I’d be scared of him if I was in the game, this guy was coming after me.

He didn’t exactly come out and say Murray isn’t scared of Clowney, did he? Luckily for Richt, Murray stepped up to the plate and offered his thoughts on Clowney’s comments.

“The word fear was misused for respect. Definitely a lot of respect for him. I respect him. That’s the big difference. He’s an unbelievable athlete, probably the best player in the country. You have to have a special game plan for him. He’s a guy you have to make a different game plan for. ” Murray continued, “I enjoy getting hit. I’m not scared of getting hit by anyone.”

Go ahead and circle September 7th on your calendars, that’s when the Bulldogs host the Gamecocks (4:30, ESPN) and both Murray and Clowney settle this matter on the gridiron.

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