The Foundation of Foundation Week

Updated: July 22, 2013
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Foundation Week

Butch Jones is off to a great start as the head football coach at the University of Tennessee. And no week of his brief tenure has been more indicative of that than this past one. For during it, six young men committed to join the class of 2014: WR Eric LauderdaleDB Cortez McDowellOL Ray RaulersonWR Dominque BoothDB RaShaan Gaulden, and LB Kevin Mouhon. All but one are a four-star prospects.

The timing is hardly a coincidence. All of these commits came during Foundation Week which culminated on Sunday with Foundation Day. This whole foundation business is obviously a play on the Brick by Brick slogan, as well as the latest example of Butch Jones’ marketing savvy, and it had enough sizzle to draw an impressive list of UT commits and targets to Knoxville over the weekend. By the time the dust had settled, the 2014 class stood at 24 strong and was once again the No. 1 ranked class in the nation.

Even the fullest of the full-Butch crew must be scratching their heads a little bit. Because not even the most optimistic could have predicted the extent of his early success. But you know who could have? His players. And if you listened to them closely enough during SEC Media Days, then you probably realized as much. Because their words — even when not directly addressing their coach — spoke to the many attributes that Coach Jones possesses.

So while the overwhelming success of Foundation Week might have been a pleasant surprise, the foundation of Foundation Week was on full display down in Hoover. Here are some of the quotes that stood out to me, as well as which of the many attributes of Butch Jones they described:

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