Day 4 Practice Update w/ Chris Treece

Updated: August 5, 2013

Day Four Practice Update

It is very hard to tell anything about a football team when they are practicing in half gear and with it being only the fourth day on the field, but I like what I saw with some of the freshman.  You all know that I am a Defensive Back at heart , but I found myself all over the field today looking at everyone.

Let’s start with the Quarterbacks.  If the season started today and if I was the coach, I would name Justin Worley as the starter. I thought his command was better and he looked more polished in the pocket than Peterman.  Peterman did well today, but I think Worley gives this team the better chance to win now.  Josh Dobbs looked good at times.  He checked into the correct plays based on what the defense showed.  He is a VERY accurate passer with a good anticipation of when the receivers are coming out of their breaks.  Riley Ferguson is a gun slinger with a strong arm, but he is careless with the football.  Any interception is one too many.  Overall, all four QB’s give you something different, but during some of the drills they all looked the same in terms of footwork and mechanics.

Wide Receiver U

By now you have all heard about the camp the Marquez North is having.  He is a big physical receiver that doesn’t get jammed at the line of scrimmage.  Now keep in mind it is early and he hasn’t been tested by seasoned vets at corner, but he is fluid, has strong hands and is running good routes for where he is in his brand new career.  His potential is through the roof and he is eager to learn from Coach Z to correct his mistakes early in camp.  His demeanor lets me know that he is committed to getting on the field day one.  Jonathan Johnson, the JUCO transfer from Blinn Junior College, is quick with sure hands and is a perfect fit in the slot.  Johnson made some moves today to elude the secondary during some of the early team periods that all of the media had access to today.  He put the linebackers in some bad situations in the slot and could be a homerun threat during the season.  Ryan Jenkins looks like he has added muscle over the summer and seems to be picking up the offense very well.   Josh Smith, however, seems to be getting lost in the shuffle of the receivers.  I saw him practice, but the other guys are separating themselves and it is more noticeable.  He may be one that needs time in the system before he shows his talent.

The Newcomers In The Secondary


Out of all of the freshmen today I was most impressed with corner Cam Sutton.  I know, shocker right.  He is very instinctive with good feet and hips and has the speed to correct technique issues that he will get corrected with time.  He is a competitor and can run all day.  I think this kid has the potential to start at some point this season.  He may even be counted on in the return game as well.  Malik Forman is another guy I was impressed by.  He has the speed to be a top SEC corner and is strong and physical in press coverage.  Both of these guys will get playing time this season in my opinion but I think Sutton has more of the DAWG mentality of the two which is what you need on the back end.  Lemond Johnson had a sort of quiet day in terms of making an early name for himself to move up on the depth chart.  I feel that all of these guys will be asked to step up and contribute this fall.


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