Practice 6 Notes/Observations w/ Chris Treece

Updated: August 7, 2013

Practice Report: Day 6 of Fall Camp -The Defensive Backs

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The second day in pads of fall camp has come and gone and I must say it was much better than yesterday.  The intensity level was higher, you had guys flying around and talking.  I loved the chatter between the defensive backs and the wide receivers.  This is what makes you better as a player when you have this type of atmosphere.  The DBs and WRs went through their “Tennessee Tough” Drill and it was very intense.  The wide outs took the early lead in terms of who won the rep.  The DBs kept fighting back as time started to come off the clock to end the period.  They were down to the last rep and won the drill.  This is the type of intensity you have to have every day in practice to make you a better player and a better team.  I am going to stay with the DB vs. WR theme in this article because to me, this is where the majority of the energy was.  These guys went back and forth all day.  Talking smack, slapping helmets but most importantly, competing extremely hard.  They didn’t want to let the guys in their group down.  I loved it.


One player that really stepped up today and impressed me was #7 Mike Williams.  He has the attitude at corner that you need.  He was talking trash to the WRs and was very physical in drills.  He wants to get better and he wants to be on the field.  He had a swagger about himself today and his boys were cheering for him.  Justin Coleman showed today why he is a probable starter at one corner.  He was physical in press coverage and his technique was solid.  I thought the freshmen did a good job fighting today with this only being Day Six.  This is typically the time of fall camp that they start to hit the first wall.  But all in all I thought they did a good job of putting pressure on the older guys for playing time.  Brian Randolph played very big in drills showing why he is one of the leaders on the back end.  If this group continues to fight and find a way to win the small battles daily, trust me you will see a different group than you did last year.  They are defiantly competing with a chip on their shoulders early in camp.  This is very encouraging and I look forward to seeing how they respond in the coming days.

I will give you guys a bit more on some other players that looked good today.  Brent Brewer looked very fast in drills as did A.J. Johnson.  I thought Marlin Lane looked crisp still six days into camp.  Woody Quinn is a beast running routes and the new receivers still look good as they continue to prep.  I thought the freshman QBs looked more sure in decision making today.  The O-Line and D-Line fought hard and competed better. This was a very good practice on Day Six considering the pace and it being only the second day in pads.  On a side note, Freshman WR Paul Harris was in a boot and DE Jacques Smith had surgery on his hand and will miss 4-6 weeks.  Safety Byron Moore is still nursing a hamstring injury and is expected to be back soon.  As excited as I am to write this article , there are still guys I feel need to step up to help the football team this fall.  The season is long and everyone will be counted on the help get us back.


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