Practice 7 Notes/Observations w/ Chris Treece

Updated: August 10, 2013

Practice Report Day 7- Hitting The Wall

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Defense was the name of the game in Practice 7 of fall camp.  The offense looked sloppy with the receivers dropping pass after pass and not running the correct routes.  The offensive line was missing blocks and the quarterbacks were wild and all over the place.  You could tell that the freshmen had hit the wall.  The focus wasn’t there. Player’s legs looked heavy.  This is common at this point in camp.  The young guys aren’t used to this type of pressure. Mental fatigue sets in.  Three weeks away from the first game, this team needs to become mentally tough.  Now is the time they must fight though the pain.  During the early team period, the defense took control.  The energy was high and the chatter was heated on every play.  I liked the mindset of the defense.  They are starting to gain a lot of confidence.  The coaches are still coaching them hard, but they are responding to it well.

This team cannot afford to take any plays off at any position.  They are not at a place where they can do that.  Justin Coleman is by far the most consistent player on defense.  The offensive pace has put a lot of pressure on the defense in terms of their conditioning.  They still need to clean up a lot of technique issues.  They still have guys busting assignments and missing tackles or losing contain, but the effort is there.  Tonight’s scrimmage is very critical to this team’s success this year.  They cannot afford to go out and perform half ass.  It is a make or break practice.  Everyone needs to push through the pain and fatigue to get better.  This team needs to break through the wall so to speak to turn the corner.  The coaches will be evaluating and trying to figure out who can help this football team win games.   It is time for players to step up and start getting serious about this season.  It is time to take your position.


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