Chris Treece Recaps the Vols’ Practice in Neyland

Updated: August 13, 2013

The Vols in Neyland

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Tennessee moved its practice tonight to Neyland Stadium.  It was a perfect night for football.  The scoreboard was on and you could hear the sweet sounds of pads popping. This was by far one of the sharpest practices I have seen in pads at this point in fall camp.  Coach Jones and his staff continue to do a great job making these players respond to havoc.  I am starting to see this team push past some of the fatigue and really compete.  I saw more emotion and excitement tonight, something that has been lacking in other practices.  It had a feel of the guys truly having fun and wanting to compete and get better.  Dan McCullers played like a man on a mission tonight.  When he has his mind set to do things, he is unstoppable.  He needs to play like this on every snap this season for the Vols to be successful on defense.  He has the ability to put the offensive linemen on skates and be very disruptive in the backfield.  It seemed tonight something clicked in his mind because he was a force to be reckoned with.  He could not be blocked.  No offensive lineman had an answer for him.  It was great to see.

Vincent Dallas moving to DB was not that bad of a move.  His footwork is actually not that bad.  Surprisingly, he talks well.  He will have an adjustment period in terms of mindset, but all in all I thought he performed well on his first day at corner this camp.  The coaches acknowledge that he worked hard and competed.  Cam Sutton continues to run with the ones.  This kid is going to be very special.  I know that I am a DB at heart, but I recognize talent and 23 has the total package.  There were so many good things that I saw tonight that I am very encouraged by the process of where this team is right now.  I think this team is starting to turn the corner heading towards the first game against Austin Peay.  With that being said, they still have a lot of work to do but they are fighting.  Man are they fighting.


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