Current Recruits and Former Players Give Their Take on New Uni’s

Updated: August 15, 2013

This morning, The University of Tennessee and Adidas released photos and video footage of Tennessee’s newest uniform. The color is PMS (Pantone Matching System) 426 and is called…I’m not making this up…”Smokey” gray. “Smokey” gray is listed on the University of Tennessee’s website as an official color for the school. The description is as follows:

“Orange stands front and center in our audiences’ perception of UT, making color a crucial component for our visual communications. UT Orange, as we call our specific shade of orange, requires a special set of colors to accent and support it. Primarily, White and Smokey should always be used to underscore the boldness of UT Orange, invoking a sense of the pairing of our institution’s vibrant momentum and respect for tradition.”

And there is the word…Tradition. Butch Jones went deep into Tennessee tradition and found a color for an alternate uniform that neither distracts from nor minimizes our tradition, but instead enhances it.

Coach Jones knows that in the SEC, recruiting is the key to success year-in and year-out. To ‘Rise To The Top’ you must recruit and sign better players, and in order to stay at the top you better keep them coming. Here are some tweets from some of our current commitments after the new uniforms began to leak:

Image 3

Image 1Image 2

The buzz is not just with future Vols, but also with former players as well. When TSR’s very own Jayson Swain and Chris Treece were asked about the new uniforms, they had this to say:

“Last time I checked, the players are the ones who win or lose the games. And those players were once recruits who were attracted to Tennessee by something or in some way. If the recruits like them…then I like them…I have looked at the uniform traditions from team one all the way to team 117, and all of them were not just orange and white.”                   

   -Jayson Swain


“I played in the 80′s…I am as ‘old-school’ as they come…and I welcome this change. In this day and age uniform changes, facility upgrades, cool gear…etc. are ALL necessary elements in the recruiting process. Plus…They are sharp as hell.”

   -Chris Treece


It is clear that future and former Vols are all on board for the uniform changes. The key in this entire process has been the impact it can have for the future of recruiting and the future of this program. Butch Jones and his staff currently have one of the best classes in the country committed to play on Rocky Top. To continue to attract the type of talent he will need to build this program into a contender every year, he understands that you have to make some subtle (and not so subtle) changes that will impress high school kids, enhance tradition, and keep all eyes across the nation on Tennessee. In his short time here, he and this staff have made Tennessee a ‘cool’ place. He has turned a program that was 16-21 over the last three years into the talk of college football. He understands that keeping up with the fast-paced world of recruiting is paramount to building the future for this program and this university.


Oh…And the current players seem to like them as well.



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