Interesting Ideas in ReLIFE: An Interesting Manga

Art imitating life; have you ever heard about sc thing? It means that in most creative and artistic creations, there are always an element (even the smallest one) of life that will be included in the story. The same thing applies to the most comic stories, including the manga. When you read a manga, you probably think that you only read a story – but there are always more to the expectation. You can actually learn a lot from reading them.


The Art Imitating Life

When you read the manga, you get this sense of familiarity and closeness. Most of the stories are down to earth; it is closer to home than you think. If you want to read stories that may feel familiar and somewhat related to your own life, then manga will be your best options. What’s the difference with the comics, anyway? Well, each comic is different. Western comics, for instance, have more focus on the superheroes and such things alike. In Japanese comics, on the other hand, you get to feel various themes and topics. You can read themes about family, schools, relationship, love, teenage lives, and so much more. Sure, you may also read about superheroes, supernatural, and other super stuff but there are various different topics that you can choose.

ReLIFE: The Unique Comic Approach

Have you ever read about ReLIFE? As the name suggests, it is about given the second chance to re-do your life again. If you find yourself being useless in life and you always fail along the way in whatever things you do, what will you do when you are given the second chance? Will you change everything in order to gain different results? Will you do the same thing and follow the same path? This is the basic concept and idea of the manga. Will you find the story interesting?