If you want to start betting on sites like http://asia303.net/368bet/, then it is important for you not to just bet blindly and throw all your money to the sportsbook without at least knowing the very basic of sports betting, including crucial terms which help you gain better understanding of the bet as well as helping you make better decision when you are placing your wager. For beginner bettors, here are several terms you have to keep in mind and remember before making your decision:

  • Straight Bet. This bet, true to its name, is really straightforward, and also one of the most common types of bet out there. In straight bets, bettors simply bet on a winner of a certain match at certain given odds. This type of bet is also known as Single.
  • Point Spread. This type of bet is still rather similar to a Straight Bet, albeit a little more complicated. Point spread goes beyond simply betting on which team would win on a certain match, as it also involves you betting on whether the team would win by a specific amount. In this type of bet, the teams competing are split into two, the favorite and the underdog, as shown with a – and + sign respectively. If you are betting on the favorite for a certain point spread, that team would have to win by more that the point spread in order for you to secure your winning. If you bet on the underdog, then they have to lose less that the point spread you are betting on for you to win.
  • It is also possible to make multiple bets on the same game all at once. This move is called a parlay bet, and it usually is the one offering larger payouts, although it also requires far greater accuracy.