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Virgin Mobile has collaborated with the Federal Communications Commission to establish the Assistance Wireless program, an aid program intended to provide free cell phone and services to low-income consumers who need but could not afford it due to limited financial means. Interested applicants are encouraged to click here to find out more about this program and whether or not they are qualified for it.


This program is one of the biggest in the United States, spanning across twenty nine states and growing at a rapid rate. It is also one of the most generous, offering both a free cell phone as well as a profuse services package. Users will receive free 350 call minutes each month, which they can use for both local and long distance calls, as well as unlimited text messages services. Not only that, new users will receive an additional 150 free call minutes for the first four months they become part of this program. This program has been used by over eight million Americans in need, and the number continues growing day by day. Interested applicants can also click here to see satisfied users’ testimonies.

This program is made possible thanks to the subsidy received by Virgin Mobile from the federal government, which amounts to USD10 per month for every users enrolled in this program. On top of that subsidy, Virgin Mobile also receives additional subsidy to cover the cost of the free cell phone they provide for the program, which amounts to around USD10 to USD15 per person per month. While the program is free of charge without any need for deposits, Virgin Mobile also offers additional packages for those who need extra call minutes or text message services, ranging from USD5 to USD30 per month depending on the services the package offers.